¡Feliz Aniversario Chiara & Chaz!

Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 12 of 18

When Chiara + Chaz first contacted me and sent the snapshot below as the inspiration image for their wedding, which they described as “Unique, festive, vibrant, personal and fun!”, I was pretty sure we’d be a perfect match.


I was lucky enough to meet them a year before the wedding on a visit to Sayulita and we immediately hit it off.  A fun-loving music-industry couple from Venice with a tattooed Groom?  Right up my alley.  But more importantly, I was super excited that they wanted to throw a COLORFUL and whimsical fiesta celebrating their love of Sayulita and all of Mexico, and go all out with everything FESTIVE!  Understated and natural is great, don’t get me wrong, but I do LOVE me some COLOR.   If you’ve ever visited our humble secret-cave abode, you could rightfully describe our personal aesthetic as “maximalist” (i.e. opposite of minimalist… as in: paint every wall a different color and cover every square inch of it in art, photos, books, records, instruments, cow skulls, devil masks…. it is its own beautiful magic, until you want to do yoga against a wall and there is no free space.  But I digress…).

Seriously, this was one of the most colorful weddings I’ve had the pleasure of designing (John & Adri, you are right up there with them!!!) and it was so much fun to have free reign to play with colors and textures, which for me is really the essence of Mexico’s beauty – the combination of any and all colors together, the more the merrier, the brighter the better.  From the altar to the photo booth to the papel picado and the multi-colored chairs, even the color-changing uplighting on the palm trees, it all created a magical environment that reflected this beautiful couples’ fun-loving personality and creativity.  Thank you Chiara & Chaz for trusting me with your vision and your most important day, and for being so FUN to work with!  Thanks to the amazing team that brought it all together and made this perfect day a beautiful reality (vendor credits below…)!  Most photos from Paul Andrew Dunker with a few snaps from my archaic iPhone iv.

xo, SDW


Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-30Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-170Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-232Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 6 of 18Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-78Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-33Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-112Chiara + Chaz Ceremony - 1 of 2Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-92Chiara + Chaz Ceremony - 2 of 2Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 7 of 18Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-127Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 1 of 18Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-70Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-72Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 3 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 2 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 13 of 18Chaz_Chiara_Wedding-55Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 9 of 18Chiara + Chaz Reception - 1 of 4Chiara + Chaz Reception - 2 of 4Chiara + Chaz Reception - 3 of 4Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 14 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 15 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 16 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 17 of 18Chiara + Chaz Wedding - SDW photos - 18 of 18Chiara + Chaz Reception - 4 of 4

¡Fabulous Vendor Credits!

Planning/Design/Lighting: Sayulita Dream Weddings

Venue: Teitiare Estate

Photography: Paul Andrew Dunker

Catering/Bar: Don Pedro’s

Bridal Styling: Rebecca D’Este, Bliss Sayulita

DJ: Jess Edmonson, Sayulita Musica

Florals: Flor Mimo

Ceremony Arch & Photo Booth: Flora Amor

Furniture: Mobva, MAC Event

Blankets, Pillows, & Ojo de Dios: Revolución del Sueño y Las Bayadas