¡Feliz Aniversario Heather + Noelle!

Happy 1-year Anniversary to Heather and Noelle of Bellingham, Washington!  Heather and Noelle had a beautiful, spiritual, intimate wedding at the lovely Casa Vela.  The wedding ceremony, officiated by their Pastor from Bellingham, was held on the north end beach, and guests were shuttled up to the house afterwards for cocktails, dinner, and dancing.

All week it threatened to rain, so we opted for a tent to cover the ceremony, and held our breath that the garden dinner setting didn’t get rained out.  In the end the rain held out, and we were treated to a magnificent sunset at the end of what was a nail-bitingly cloudy (but mercifully dry) day.

The casual gourmet dinner was a feast of local Sayulita culinary delights, many from our Mercado del Pueblo, starting with Adriana’s gourmet tamales of spinach/pine nut and portobello/red pepper, followed by the always delectable steak, fish, and veggie tacos of Tacos on the Street.  Dessert was gold-flecked chocolate cupcakes from Sandrita, and for favors, guests were treated to take-away bags (though many were gnoshed on the spot) of Debbie’s hand-made chocolate chili truffles.  Yum.

Lovely flower design by Mireya of Flor Mimo, Bridal Styling by Kori Walker, Ceremony sound by Sayulita Musica, music by Los Frixoleros and DJ Veckmann.  Heather and Noelle’s friend Berg captured their week beautifully in photos.  Here are my favorites:

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 003

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 007

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 024

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 102

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 103

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 043

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 307

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 188

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 304

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 237

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 246

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 071Heather + Noelle Wedding - 056Heather + Noelle Wedding - 051Heather + Noelle Wedding - 054Heather + Noelle Wedding - 308Heather + Noelle Wedding - 310

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 325

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 333

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 344

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 351

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 341

  All photos ©2012 by Berglind Hafsteinsdottir Photography.

Happy Anniversary, Chicas!  Looking forward to your upcoming visit!!

xo, SDW

Heather + Noelle Wedding - 345


2 thoughts on “¡Feliz Aniversario Heather + Noelle!

  1. I´m so happy to finally see these photos!! this was a very special wedding for me and never had the oportunity to see images, girls you looked beautiful, congratulations!
    Thank you Andrea, Heather & Noelle for letting me be a little part of these day!


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