¡Feliz Aniversario Carlos + Kristen!

Happy First Anniversary to the adorable Carlos + Kristen of Seattle!  Carlos & Kristen had a very sweet and intimate wedding at the gorgeous Casa Vela.  They kept the focus on the love and the fun, opting for simple but delicious fare of fresh fish tacos, fresh fruit & ceviche appetizers, and a bar run by local cantinero Christian Rodriguez of El Tigre, whom the couple had connected with on a previous visit to Sayulita.  They called upon their talented group of friends and family to officiate, photograph, and DJ the wedding.  We set up a lovely dinner in the lower garden, and used the main level of the casa, brilliantly decorated with bold Mexican folk art, as the setting for the ceremony (with a breathtaking ocean vista as the backdrop), cocktail hour, and post-dinner dancing. Pie in the Sky provided the cake (the delivery guys actually walked it all the way up the steep hill to ensure its safe arrival), and Kristen’s Aunt hand-made the adorable felted cake topper and mini-cake bunting.  At the end of the night, everyone was in the pool, including the bartender.

Photos ©Kyle Johnson, 2011

¡Felicidades Kristen + Carlos!

xo, SDW


2 thoughts on “¡Feliz Aniversario Carlos + Kristen!

  1. awesome wedding!
    the photos are great but that last one, the detail on the cake is way cool.. I’ve never seen such decoration.. coolness!
    happy anniversary to them


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