¡Feliz Aniversario Laura + Devin!

Happy 1-year Anniversary to the lovely Laura & Devin from Calgary!  Laura and Devin hold an extra special place in our hearts, as they are wonderful, loving, funny, amazing people, and they also happen to have a beautiful son who is 1 month older than our boy.  From the first time they met, Maximo & Oscar were fast friends, and we feel the same way about Laura & Devin.  Their celebration was so beautiful – incorporating family, music, and so much joy.  All 50+ of their guests spent a full week in Sayulita, and each and every one of them turned out for the community service day, volunteering at our local schools and bringing school supplies from Canada. In one of the sweetest personal touches I have seen, Laura & Devin wrote each guest a personalized letter – which doubled as place cards at the tables – thanking them for traveling to the wedding fesitivies and for their involvement in Laura, Devin & Oscar’s lives.

Sayulita’s own fabulous “Los Tikkilyches” laid down the sound track for the evening, rocking sweet dance sets and playing all of the couple’s special requests for first dances, sing-a-longs, and more.  Laura, a classically trained pianist, even surprised Devin with a serenade during dinner.

I love this ceremony shot - such a nice perspective shift...
Beautiful table-scapes with keepsake glass stars and vibrant crepe-paper flowers
Beauty & Love, in front of Sayulita's most photographed wall...
The Welcome Fiesta, at Las Hamacas

Since their wedding, Laura, Devin & Oscar have come back to visit us once, and have welcomed their second beautiful son, Henry, into the world this fall.  We are so happy to know you and to call you our friends – here’s to many more visits and memories together, and to a lifetime of familial bliss!!!

Now, off to the Brisa Mar Palapa for Christine & Adam of Chicago’s wedding – 1 year to the day since we last set up at the Palapa for Laura & Devin.  A serendipitous date for sure!

xo, Andrea, Gabbi & Maximo

Photos ©Tamara McGill, 2011


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