¡Feliz Aniversario Julie + Andrew!

Happy 3-year Anniversary to Julie & Andrew of San Francisco!  Julie & Andrew had a lovely wedding at the Brisa Mar Palapa, photographed by Dia & Patrick of Dia Rao Photography, who celebrated their Sayulita wedding with us just this past Friday on 11.11.11.  So big thanks to Julie and Andrew for introducing us to Dia & Patrick, who are not only fabulous photography partners and clients, but sure to be great friends for years to come!

Julie & Andrew went with a colorful, tropical palette, a perfect complement to the natural and neutral backdrop that is the Palapa.  I love these centerpieces with vibrant native blooms spilling out of a banana-tree stalk.  Julie worked in Marketing for Skyy Vodka in San Francisco, and her company sent over a few cases of Cabo Wabo Tequila for the wedding, which added to the centerpieces (and the festivities) nicely.

Naef Cuisine whipped up these incredible ice cream cakes, which we actually managed to transport, display (for a short time) and serve in the November heat without them melting all over the place.  This one was mint-chocolate-cookie with a caramelized meringue topping, and we also served a peanut-butter ice cream with chocolate cake and coffee glaze.  I think these might get my vote for yummiest dessert ever served at one of our weddings.

A lovely shot of the Palapa from Dia Rao.

Happy Anniversary Andrew & Julie!!!

xo, Andrea & Gabbi


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